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Planeta Tangerina is a design studio specializing in communication design for children and young people.

Since our foundation in 1999, we have participated in the creation of editorial projects aimed at young audiences, developing a global framework that includes the creation of concepts, content and illustrations and all work associated with graphic publications.
Planeta Tangerina regularly collaborates with the educational services of museums, municipalities, agencies and brands that develop programs for schools.

We like to take a project from start to finish, but we also work on the different stages separately: text, images, and graphic design.

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Planeta Tangerina emerged out of the interest we have for media communication — books, magazines, educational documents — and to communicate effectively by combining clarity of content with the quality of images and graphics.
We like to work on creating concepts and communication structures: we particularly enjoy, for example, to create a magazine from scratch or to think about strategies that involve creating environments or groups of characters.
We understand the curricula of different educational levels and believe that content for young people should be well structured, simple and accurate (and when possible, fun).