At Planeta Tangerina we care about privacy and we do our best to have a clear and transparent relationship with each of our visitors and readers.
Throughout our website, online shop or digital communications, we do not collect any personal data that hasn’t been freely conceded by those who visit us. Neither do we use any of the data we have for any purposes other than those explicitly authorised by their owner. In cases where this authorisation has been conceded, the collected data will follow the rules on our Privacy Policy, in which we explain each of these topics in further detail. 


Planeta Tangerina, Design e Comunicação Lda, with registered address at Rua das Rosas N.º 20, Alto dos Lombos, 2775-683 Carcavelos, Portugal, and NIF 505053560 (hereinafter called “Planeta Tangerina”) is responsible for collecting and handling your personal data, within the purposes described on this Privacy Policy.

Planeta Tangerina is committed to processing your personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and applicable laws* on privacy protection and circulation of personal data.

1. Why we may need to collect 

a) To process purchases on Planeta Tangerina’s online shop

We need to collect your name, address and fiscal number for any online purchases. These will be processed by the e-commerce platform on which our website was programmed, used on our invoicing software and shared with our external Accountants. Your name and address will also be shared with the courier company in charge of delivering your package. We explain these procedures in further detail on 3. Additional information regarding potential receivers of your personal data).

b) For direct mail and newsletters

Anyone visiting our website can subscribe to our newsletter by submitting their name and email address through a form. 
This data is then integrated on our email database on Mailchimp, through which we send all our messages and newsletters whenever we have something important to share with our subscribers (for example: new books, release events, awards, promotions on our shop, etc.). By submitting your information in our newsletter form, you are automatically accepting Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy, available at
Aside from this database for general contacts, we also hold contacts from bookshops and press with whom we have a professional relationship. Those who are interested in receiving our bookshops and press communications can request a registry form by contacting us at [email protected]

2. Duration and storage of data

For the reasons explained on 1. a), all data collected for processing online purchases will be stored for a maximum period of 12 years after its last use. 
The data collected for the purposes explained on 1.b) will remain stored in our database, unless the person who conceded it expressedly requests its deletion.

3. Additional information regarding potential receivers of your personal data

To complete any purchase on our online shop, we need your name, address, email address and fiscal information (VAT, if applicable). We use your email address to send you information about your purchase and the shipping of your package. 
Furthermore, we need the additional data for shipping your package and invoicing, for which we use external help as explained below:  
– After your purchase is processed, we need to submit it for invoicing. We do this through the licensed software Moloni. For legal purposes, we are obligated to store all invoices in our records for 12 years.  
– We send packages through CTT and other international couriers, with which we also need to share some of your data (name and address), so that the package can reach you. 
– Finally, we also need to register any transactions for accounting purposes. We share your collected data through invoices with our external accountants, in order for them to process this information.

4. Security: how we aim to protect your personal data 

Planeta Tangerina does not share your data with third-parties (except in the cases explained on 3.), therefore we take all the measures within our reach to keep your information safe. However, we must admit that despite our efforts no security system can guarantee an absolute protection of the data.
Our website hosting service is responsible to maintain the safety of their infrastructures, therefore updating their hardware and software whenever necessary. From our side, we work with a contractor who provides maintenance whenever necessary and makes sure our website and online shop are updated and functioning effectively. 
Furthermore, we have implemented internal best-practice procedures with a view to avoid exposing any personal information to individuals or collectivities outside of our organisation. Anyone who has access to our visitors’ data is aware of and implements this Privacy Policy.

5. Control over your data: how you can update your information and preferences

a) Online purchases on Planeta Tangerina’s shop

The data used for processing orders from our online shop will remain in our archives for 12 years, for reasons explained on 1.a). In case you have submitted your data but haven’t completed your purchase, you can ask us to destroy that same data by contacting us on [email protected].

b) Messages and newsletters

At any time, you can stop receiving our newsletters and messages sent through MailChimp, simply by clicking “unsubscribe from this list” from the footer of all our email communications. You can also change your mailing preferences by clicking on “update preferences”, also in the footer of our emails.

6. Entity responsible for handling you data

Planeta Tangerina, Design e Comunicação, Lda.
Rua das Rosas, 20
Alto dos Lombos
2775-683 Carcavelos
Tel. +351 214680844
Email: [email protected]

7. Who’s responsible for your data within Planeta Tangerina?

Isabel Minhós Martins
[email protected]

8. Additional information

Any additional information regarding data protection can be obtained next to your country’s national department for data protection. The Portuguese National Comission for Data Protection (CNPD – Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados) can be contacted on Rua de São Bento n.º 148-3º 1200-821 Lisboa – Tel: +351 213928400 – Fax: +351 213976832 – e-mail: [email protected].

9. Policy updates

Planeta Tangerina has the right to regularly update this Policy, therefore we recommend that our users refer to this document whenever visiting our website. We are always available to answer any questions or observations regarding the confidentiality and security of your personal data. 

10. Cookies

Our website doesn’t use cookies.