The prices in our shop include VAT, but they don’t include shipping costs. These are calculated in the checkout process, before completing your purchase.

Shipping costs

We charge shipping costs for every order. The amount depends on the number of items in your order and where they’re being shipped to. The higher the number of items purchased, the cheaper the shipping cost is per item.

Region1 Item+ Extra itemE.g. 2 ItemsE.g. 3 Items
Portugal1, 21,50€0,50€2,00€2,50€

1) Books heavier than 900g (Outside, Inside and Atlas of travels and explorers) and larger prints will be subject to higher shipping costs.

2) Registered national orders will cost 3€ per item and 1€ for each additional item (e.g. 2 items = 4€).


Our orders are sent via CTT. We process our orders 1 to 3 times a week, depending on the number of orders we receive.

Payment methods

International purchases in our shop can be paid only via Credit Card or Paypal.

Exchanges and returns

In case any item in your order is damaged when you receive it, Planeta Tangerina will exchange it for a new one or return your money (including shipping costs), within 30 days.


For orders outside Portugal, deliveries can take up to 2 weeks to arrive (10 working days) within the EU, or 1 month for international deliveries (outside the EU).

If your order is taking longer to arrive, please email us at [email protected]

Delivery guarantee

In case your order gets lost on the way, we’ll resend it.

In case the item you purchased is sold out, Planeta Tangerina will return the full value of your purchase.

In case the package hasn’t been reclaimed at the post office or in case the buyer didn’t write a correct shipping address, Planeta Tangerina will resend it against the payment of the additional shipping costs.

Shopping from abroad?

If you’re shopping from outside of the European Union, additional customs taxes may be charged to release your order. Planeta Tangerina is not responsible for these additional charges and should be covered by the client.


We wrap our orders with cardboard and other leftovers, in order to save resources and avoid waste.

Other information

If your order includes items that aren’t books (for example, mugs, prints, posters), these may be sent as separate packages.

Opening hours and contacts

Our online shop runs from 9:30am to 6:30pm (GMT+0), only on working days. We don’t have a physical shop.
For any queries or issues, please contact us on: [email protected]

Privacy policy

Learn more about how we use your data to process our deliveries on our Privacy Policy.