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or "shall we work on these books?"

For almost every book, Planeta Tangerina suggests some activities for teachers, educators, librarians and parents. We like to think them as hints, never as worksheets or lessons. The idea is to open doors to explore the books in multiple directions, and that’s why we always advise: we don’t want them to be taken literally, all we want is to inspire our readers.

If you want to share with us the things you made around our books, we’ll be very happy to show them in our blog. Send your pictures or texts to [email protected].


Think, experiment, risk

Workshops are a space for transformation, where anything can happen. There you have time to think, ask, experiment, risk, make. Books can be the foundation for a workshop, because they can inspire new creations (although there are other very good excuses…). We usually give workshops in schools, libraries, bookshops or within the educational programmes of museums, theatres, etc.

For this matter, send us an email to [email protected].

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Schools and libraries

We like to meet our readers, those who follow our work and make new things with our books as a starting point. For this, we think it’s really important that our visits are well prepared, so that these meetings between authors and readers are worth it and have good results.

To ask for availability and conditions, email us to  [email protected].


or "shall we exhibit?"

Exhibitions allow readers to have a closer look at the work of illustrators, welcoming wider and richer interpretations of our picturebooks. Planeta Tangerina has several exhibitions available for touring, either showing the different stages of the creation process (drafts or dismissed drawings) or the original illustrations and their different techniques (collage, acrylics, pens, etc.). If the illustrations are entirely digital, they will be exhibited as high quality prints.

Exhibitions are available for schools, libraries, museums and cultural centres. For enquiries regarding dates and conditions, contact [email protected].

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