Bye bye pirate

We will not miss him and we pray he doesn’t return.

Apparently — we say apparently because the internet is a whole world, a mystery, a mess, a wonder and a nightmare — the pirate who put himself in charge of our facebook page gave us a little truce.

Unfortunately, he didn’t left the place as he found it: he deleted all the posts we had been writing for over ten years and added thousands of new fake followers, probably bought, probably bots, we have no idea! We’re sorry to announce that the page is now officially closed and all our dear followers have been lost.

Facebook acted terribly wrong, we must say it. We contacted them through all possible means, explaining them the situation over and over again with printscreens, with this and that, again and again… But artificial intelligence wouldn’t understand us. And artificial intelligence didn’t solve the issue in the end.

It really is a shame that a big company, with so many means and power, is operating in a country without any kind of address, a telephone or a support team. A human team, of course. Computers are great, but very often won’t give you the support you need.

Last week we closed our old Facebook page for good.

We have a new page now and would be very thankful if you could follow us!

It would be a turnaround in the score:

Tangerines-2, Pirate-1

(Either way, Facebook always wins.)

Will you help us?