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Isabel Minhós Martins

author and responsible for text contents at Planeta Tangerina

Isabel was born in Lisbon in 1974.

She always loved to read and also to listen all kinds of stories… stories told by her grandparents, her neighbours, her aunts and friends.

Words, what we can do with words and what words can do with us, were always her favourite mystery.

Although she leaned more to Journalism or Literature, she decided to follow a different path (and also to follow her friends…) and study Arts. She graduated in Communication Design from Lisbon College of Fine Arts and after some works for communication agencies, she founded, with three friends, the publisher Planeta Tangerina.

In 2004, Planeta Tangerina published “Um livro para todos os dias” the first book of the catalogue, with Isabel’s texts. After that, she wrote many other books, most of the times published by Planeta and now published in many different countries. 

She has won an Honourable Mention in the 1st International Prize for Picture Books of Compostela, she’s been selected for White Ravens Catalogue and she’s also won the Author Awards for children’s literature SPA/RTP (2015), the Gustav-Heinemann Friedenspreis (2017) and the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (2017).

Her favourite prize was a collective one: winning the first edition of BOP and seeing Planeta Tangerina been distinguished as Best European Publisher for Children in Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2013.