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This or that

We are always making choices.
This or that?
Dog or cat?
Big or small?
Short or tall?
Choosing is a good thing, because it helps us finding our place in the world. But it isn’t always easy…

Hands and books

This is a book.
This crown, this ark,
this newborn baby,
this shaking pot...

Hey, Big Bang! (Nobody said it was easy)

As ideias gostam de jogar às escondidas. Não são invisíveis, mas podem ser difíceis de ver!
No início aparecem-nos como uma sombra e escorregam-nos das mãos. Mas se as deixamos correr livremente...

Here is a good place

Employing a continuous and lively autobiographical tone, Gloomy Teresa tells us about her world, the feelings burning up inside of her and her thoughts on the people around her.


Winner of the Serpa International Award for Picturebooks

Planeta Tangerina is pleased to announce that the winner for the 3rd edition of the Serpa International Award for Picturebooks is the project “Ñam”, de Nuria Pocero Malaga. The jury has also given three honourable mentions.

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5 books from Planeta Tangerina in the "100 Outstanding Picturebooks" selection

Five books from Planeta Tangerina have been selected for the exhibition "100 Outstanding Picturebooks", at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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The submissions for the Serpa / Planeta Tangerina Award are now closed. 

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