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Broken telephone

Have you ever played the “broken telephone”?

On a very cheerful row, the first player whispers a sentence to the second player’s ear, who then whispers it to the third, who spreads the word to the fourth and so on… until the sentence goes around the world!

The endfixer

As a kid I wanted to become an endfixer, that is someone who fixes the ends of things. Because stories often stumble upon a bad end... at the best part.

I am, I can

While we’re growing up, we learn something new every day. An emotion, a joke, a sound, a flavour. One day we dive, the next day we discover a new place. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. In this adventure of being and growing, every experience counts. 

Atlas of travels and explorers — The travels of monks, naturalists and other travellers of all times and places

A few centuries ago, we didn’t know the limits of our planet and many areas of the world remained isolated, with no connection between each other.
We didn’t know of the places and species that existed in other regions, neither of their peoples and cultures...


Bernardo P. Carvalho nominated for the literary award ALMA 2019

The author and illustrator has been nominated for the ALMA Award 2019, also known as the Astrid Lindgren Award.

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"The yellow ball" is a White Raven 2018

The book "The yellow ball" has been selected for the White Ravens Catalogue 2018, for its originality, inteligence and humour. 

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Eight Planeta Tangerina titles among the "100 Outstanding Picturebooks" on dPICTUS

The Frankfurt Book Fair, together with the picture books platform dPICTUS, curated a selection of 100 Outstanding Picturebooks. Eight of Planeta Tangerina's titles were chosen for this selection.

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