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Free drawing

“Desenho livre” looks like a coloring book (and nobody says otherwise …), but here, the drawing is free and it’s not obligatory to start painting immediately!

What the reader cannot miss is this walk through the world of drawing and color, of plants and pigments, dots and lines, light and shadow.

All the year round - nature's almanac

What is the best week of the year to see the ladybugs awakening? And when can we see the first swallows? What is the best time to listen to the night singing of a nightingale?...

 "A whole year" invites us to experience nature throughout the year. 

Inside - A guide to discovering the brain

In Ancient times it was believed that the organ responsible for our thoughts and emotions was the heart. Today we know that all we are – thoughts, emotions, decisions, ideas – happens inside the brain, in a continuous conversation with the rest of our body. But how does a thought begin? How does the brain work? How does the brain save what it learned? How does it get emotional, how does it create, invent? How does it make us a unique, one of a kind, person?

The Yellow Ball

Looking for a missing ball, Luís and Luísa plunge behind the scenes of
the book they use as a tennis court.
This adventure will take them through all kinds of territories and will
make them turn the pages backwards and forwards, following clues.


"Mary John" selected for the White Ravens 2017 catalog

Ana Pessoa has once again been selected to feature in the White Ravens catalogue, with her most recent book "Mary John". Together with this entry, the committee has written a few words about the plot and the author's writing style:

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“Nobody Passes” wins Gustav Heinemann Peace Prize

Es ist fantastisch!!!

The german edition for “Nobody Passes” has won the Gustav Heinemann Peace Prize, one of Germany’s most important awards for children’s books!

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Ana Pessoa selected for Aarhus39

The Hay Festival has just launched Aarhus39, a selection of the 39 best children’s and YA writers from all over Europe, aged 40 and under. The project comprises a festival and two new anthologies for children and YA for the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.

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