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Here is a good place

On a long and lively autobiographical tone, Tender Teresa gives hints about her world, about those things boiling inside her and about her ongoing thoughts on people around her. 

Half, half

Half of this book speaks of love, so does its other half.
In a half-tone, under half-light, without half words or middle grounds, a boy declares his love for the first time.


It's the morning. The Sun awakes, followed by the Sea, the Cloud, the Iceberg, the Wind, the Forest and the Volcano.
When the Rainbow and its Reflection finally arrive, the set is just perfect for the picture everyone wants to take.

Plasticus maritimus, an invading species

When Ana was a kid, she used to play on the beach, rather than in her backyard. She would take long walks on the sand, observing tides, collecting fossils and enjoying nature. 
But gradually she started to notice that a new invading species was becoming more and more common on the shores: plastic. 


"Atlas of travels and explorers" wins BolognaRagazzi Award 2019

The book by Isabel Minhós Martins and Bernardo P. Carvalho has won the BolognaRagazzi for Best Non-fiction Book.

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Bernardo P. Carvalho nominated for the literary award ALMA 2019

The author and illustrator has been nominated for the ALMA Award 2019, also known as the Astrid Lindgren Award.

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"The yellow ball" is a White Raven 2018

The book "The yellow ball" has been selected for the White Ravens Catalogue 2018, for its originality, inteligence and humour. 

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