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Young Andersen's Dictionary

Gonçalo M. Tavares met Andersen (as a boy) and together they created a whole new dictionary. After reading it, our view of things as apparently mundane as a wardrobe, a chair, a toothbrush or a submarine will change forever.


Is looking the same as seeing? Is seeing the same as noticing?
Do we always see the same way or does our sight change accordingly to what our eyes find every moment?


A journey is a story. And a story is a journey, isn’t it?
Behind the wheel of this book, readers will decide their destiny and how do they want to travel: taking a short walk or going 
on a long expedition? 


In the beginning of the world (back when everyone walked without carrying anything with them), a bear stops next to a fig tree with his mind set on eating his favourite fruit.


'With time' included in the FNLIJ 2016 Selection

The brazilian edition of the book 'With Time' (published by Peirópolis), by Isabel Minhós Martins (text) and Madalena Matoso (ilustration), was included in a list made by the Children and Young Adult Book National Foundation (FNLIJ) in the category 'Highly Recommended' - Literature in Portuguese.

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'Outside' is making its mark outhere

With Bernardo P. Carvalho's illustrations and written by Maria Ana Peixe Dias & Inês Teixeira do Rosário, the guide 'Outside' has been published all around the world.

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"Mana", from Joana Estrela, is the winner of I SERPA International Award for Picturebooks

The jury of “I Serpa International Award for Picturebooks” has chosen “Mana”, from Portuguese artist Joana Estrela, as the winner of the first edition.

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