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Os figos são para quem passa

In the beginning of the world (back when everyone walked without carrying anything with them), a bear stops next to a fig tree with his mind set on eating his favourite fruit.

All the year round - an agenda to go and explore nature

What is the best week of the year to see the ladybugs awakening? And when can we see the first swallows? What is the best time to listen to the night singing of a nightingale?...

 "A whole year" invites us to experience nature throughout the year. 

Young Andersen's Dictionary

Gonçalo M. Tavares met Andersen (as a boy) and together they created a whole new dictionary. After reading it, our view of things as apparently mundane as a wardrobe, a chair, a toothbrush or a submarine will change forever.

With 3 balls of wool (how the world twists and turns)

A family moves to another country in search of a freer place where all children can go to school. 


"Mana", from Joana Estrela, is the winner of I SERPA International Award for Picturebooks

The jury of “I Serpa International Award for Picturebooks” has chosen “Mana”, from Portuguese artist Joana Estrela, as the winner of the first edition.

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Serpa City Council, in collaboration with the publisher Planeta Tangerina, is pleased to promote the first edition of the biennial International Serpa Award for Picture Books, whose goal is to develop the literary and artistic quality of the Picture Book and to foster the creation of new projects

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Portuguese National Reading Plan for 2015-2016

The Portuguese National Reading Plan selected new books from Planeta Tangerina for the 2015-2016 lists.

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