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In this world
mice chase cats,
hares hunt the hunters,
cars fly through the skies
aeroplanes float on the sea, 
penguins live in the tropical jungle
and crocodiles in the icy polar waters!

With 3 balls of wool (how the world twists and turns)

A family moves to another country in search of a freer place where all children can go to school. 


“Mountains” is a large format activity book, a special project from Planeta Tangerina created in collaboration with the Polish publisher Wytwornia.

Clap Book

The Clap Book does not need batteries or battery, just your hands, one on each side. 


"Highly Recommended" by FNLIJ

Three original editions from Planeta Tangerina have won the distinction "Highly Recommended" by the National Children's Book and Youth Foundation (FNLIJ), the institution that represents, in Brazil, the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY).

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"Lá fora" wins Bologna Ragazzi Award

Planeta Tangerina won a Bologna Ragazzi Award in Opera Prima Category with "Out There: Guide to discover nature" by Maria Ana Peixe Dias, Inês Teixeira do Rosário e Bernardo P. Carvalho (illustrations).

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Planeta Tangerina: best european publisher

Planeta Tangerina was elected Best Children's Publisher/ Europe in the last edition of Bologna Children's Book Fair. BOP Prize ­— Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publisher of 2013 — pays tribute to excellence in the world of children’s publishing and has been instituted to distinguish publishers at the forefront of innovation and creatitity.

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