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Joana Estrela

Author and illustrator

Born in Penafiel in 1990, Joana Estrela started drawing family portraits at an early age, writing funny subtitles to go alongside them. One of her classic birthday gifts was a list of things-we-say-when-we’re-angry, applying the concept to different family members. Her mother, for example, once received her portrait together with all the various criticisms she’d typically make of her father, such as “Don’t scuff the rugs in our room!” or “You started to eat before you cut up your daughters’ food!”. Her methods haven’t changed a lot since then: what motivates her to start a book is still the amusement that it brings.

She graduated from Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade do Porto (Porto’s School of Fine Art) with a degree in Communication Design (2012).

In 2014, Plana Editor published her first book: Propaganda. In 2016, Planeta Tangerina published Mana, the winner of 1st Serpa Internacional Award for Picture Books.

In 2016, at the Amadora BD festival, Mana received the award for Best Illustration of a Picturebook (Portuguese Author).