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Henriqueta Cristina


Born in 1960 in Vila Nova de Gaia, into a family with many brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts, cousins ​​and stories (families are places that are full of stories). Henriqueta Cristina also goes by the name of Kuki (people’s names have extraordinary stories).

She graduated from the Faculty of Letters at Porto University, has been a teacher for over 30 years and believes there’s a sower of seeds in the heart of almost every teacher (she would also have liked to be a farmer, but that’s another story…).

She likes the sea, music and the music of the sea; reading, writing and travelling; lilies and mountains; she enjoys cooking and gathering family and friends around her, with recipes and memories (memories and stories also often go hand in hand).

She likes to hear and to tell stories, and enjoys sharing them with her children, nieces and nephews, students and many children, with whom she looks at the stars, lying on her back on summer nights.

(Talking about myself like this in the 3rd person is like telling a story.)

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