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Davide Cali


Born in Switzerland in 1972, Davide studied accounting, but words and pictures overcame numbers.

At the age of 22, he began collaborating with the Italian magazine Linus, as an author-illustrator of comicbooks.

His desire to tell stories brought him to publish books for children. Nearly all his work has been published by French publisher Sarbacane.

Davide Cali’s style is characterised by abundent humor, a strong sense of rhythm and also the ability to create different layers of reading.

His books have won several major awards: “Espero” (I Hope) (edited by Bruáa in Portugal) won the 2005 Baobab Award Montreuil.

“Piano, piano” got a Special Mention Award in the “Words and Music “Award, in the International Fair of Bologna, 2006.

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