Team Breadcrumb Separator Cristina Lopes

Cristina Lopes

distribution and day-to-day operation management of the studio

Cristina started working at a young age, as an apprentice at an advertising agency, where she did a bit of everything: hand-drawing, typesetting, photography,…

Before finishing her Fine-Arts degree, she moved to London and started working as a freelancer and then at the CDT studio. There, she learned all about the importance of the typeface and simplicity of graphic design, and had the chance to meet many like-minded designers.

In 2002, Cristina landed at Planeta Tangerina and ever since has been a versatile member of the team, putting into practice her understanding of the studio as a whole. She follows and manages the steps of each book, being our main contact for bookshops, suppliers, clients and readers.

Together with João, Cristina contributes to the organisation and smooth operation of this Planet.