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Original title: A orquestra — uma volta ao mundo à procura dos músicos
32 pages / 260 x 320 mm
ISBN: 9789898145857 / RRP: 15,90€
1st edition: February 2018

© Rights owned by L’Agrume.

The orchestra

Around the world looking for the musicians

The great concert is scheduled for next week, but the members of the orchestra have disappeared without a trace.

Luckily, it’s not so serious… It looks like they’re all enjoying their holidays and the maestro has even been receiving some nice postcards, giving him hints of where his dearest musicians might be: the violinists went to Tokyo, the harpist is in Porto, the trumpeters in Rio de Janeiro, the flutists in Abidjan…

The maestro and his loyal assistant have decided to set out on a journey looking for the musicians through the four corners of the world.

However, in between the crowded and confusing streets, it’s not easy to stumble upon the resting musicians.

A large format book made in the “Search and find” genre, to learn more about great cities of the world and musical instruments.

RRP: 15,90€*

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