Prémio “Vlag en Wimpel” para Bernardo P. Carvalho

Bernardo P. Carvalho vence o prémio Vlag en Wimpel na categoria “Ilustração/ non-fiction”, com a edição holandesa do livro “Atlas das Viagens dos Exploradores” (edição Boycott).

Palavras do júri:

“This Atlas of Expeditions and Explorers is captivating and beautiful through both illustrations and design. Bernardo P. Carvalho’s illustrations are very original and graceful: black and white contours for traveler facts and routes alternate with bold color pages that leave the viewer’s imagination very free. The color pages give the book energy: they are more abstract than realistic, making you see unknown worlds and making you naturally want to know more about them – this style is special for an informative book, careful and also daring.”