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At Planeta Tangerina we make picturebooks – books where the text and image come together to create a unique outcome, impossible to achieve if both modes don’t come together in harmony. By this we mean that there is no redundancy or overlapping but rather the text and image interconnect and complement each other by making adjustments and readjustments, as they seek a balance.

Reading a picturebook is about reading words and images, it’s not about reading pages but instead sequences; reading picturebooks involves reading covers and endpapers, reading rhythms and changes of rhythm, reading scenes, planes, details and different representations; it involves constantly making connections between elements, appreciating the movement, the sounds, the pauses and the silence of the pages.

It is for all these reasons that we like to create picture books: on the table there are different types of ingredients and a thousand ways of mixing them, and better still no fixed recipes. We like the idea of everything being open, everything being possible. Experts say that picturebooks are "one of the most challenging areas of freedom and experimentation" and we can only agree.
We try to make our way through this huge,  fascinating territory with respect.
We commit ourselves at every stage of a picturebook’s production, from the filtering of ideas, to the trying out and choosing of materials. We have two house rules: that we refuse formulas and that we challenge our readers (they deserve it afterall).

Our readers are not only children, but all parents and adults who enjoy picturebooks and their unique way of telling a story. We know that our books are not always the “easiest” to read, but we like to think that a picturebook is a meeting point for readers of different kinds, that some will open doors for others, that big and small readers will find their own keys to the discovery of a book.

We hope our readers will join us in this enthusiasm...

Planeta Tangerina was awarded the 'Revelation Publisher Award' by LER/Booktailors (2009) and won the BOP for 'Best European Children's Publisher' awarded at the Bologna Children's Book Fair (2013).

Nowadays, many of our titles are published around the world in different languages, such as: Spain, France, Brazil, United States of America, Mexico, Germany, Norway, Korea, Greece, Italy, Poland and others.