“Supergiant” is a finalist of Premio Cuatrogatos 2018

Supergiant was nominated as one of the 10 finalists of the Premio Fundación Cuatrogatos 2018, in Mexico. This annual award is dedicated to children and young adult literature by iberoamerican writers and illustrators. Supergood!

Aside from the 20 winners, Fundacion Cuatrogatos has highlighted 10 books that they highly recommend for their literary, artistic and editorial qualities. “Supergiant” was featured on this list, on the category of “For those that will turn out to be great readers”. This category is dedicated to those books considered to be good bridges between young adult and adult literature.

On this edition, the juri counted with around 1300 submissions, coming from 188 publishers across 19 countries.

The full list of prizes can be found here.