Our suggestions for the upcoming days (or weeks?)

What to do with all these minutes?
(We’re so used to not having enough minutes)
Wash your hands.
And then?
Slide a book off the shelf.
Choose a comfortable place.

Remember that better days are coming.

Go back to an old book (is it still the same?).

Search for a tiny yellow ball that got lost in between the pages.

Think that with time, everything passes.

Keep doing what has to be done.

Avoid unnecessary trips.

Follow the official recommendations.

Stay civilised.

Try some philosophy.

Draw (just out of pleasure).

Cook asparagus and peas (they’re on season).

If you’re too anxious, get involved in an exciting love story…

In a travel full of detours and adventures.

Stay informed about the world (with moderation and choosing good sources).

Get impressed by what’s inside.

Think about what’s outside.

Call a friend.

Laugh about serious things.

Keep going.
And on the next day, a new book.

With our hands washed, and always together.