Team Breadcrumb Separator Joana Pardal

Joana Pardal

Designer and responsible for Planeta Tangerina's online shop

Joana comes from Alentejo, a region in Portugal where people are typically known for their slow-living. She proudly contributes to perpetuate this stereotype.

At school, before she knew how to make friends, she used to draw shapes in the sand with a stick. At home, she would get furious when someone changed the order of her colouring pencils (sorted in a gradient, of course) — today, she suspects this was her father’s favourite hobby. She wanted to be a boy, because girls were annoying and bossy. With time, she realised she could be a girl without being annoying or bossy.

During her graduation in Communication Design, Joana realised how much she liked both design and illustration. At the time, the thought of having to choose between one or the other was extremely upsetting.

Before joining Planeta Tangerina (and realising she didn’t need to choose, after all), she was a bauhausler* for three months. It gives her a great joy to remember that she shares this title with some of her heroes, such as Marcel Breuer and Moholy Nagy (although in a completely different context).

*Someone who studied at Bauhaus.