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Ana Pessoa · Bernardo P. Carvalho


Edgar runs at full speed and leaves everything behind: his family, his school, his friends. Today is the saddest day of his life because his grandfather disappeared, but it is also the happiest one because Joana kissed him for the first time.
Going along this road, Edgar stumbles on his reflections, on family lunches, on his friends’ laughter and on the long conversations with Joana. As he moves on, Edgar becomes increasingly bigger.
At one point he no longer fits inside his own body.
He becomes a monster. A continuous explosion.

A supergiant.

- Nominated for Authors Prize/ Best Children and Young Adult Book, SPA (Portuguese Authors Society), Portugal
- Recommended by Plano Nacional de Leitura, Portugal
- Selected for WHITE RAVENS 2015 (International Youth Library), Germany
- Highly Recommended/ "Portuguese Literature" Category, FNLIJ 2016 (Brazil) 
– Finalist of Premio Fundación Cuatrogatos 2018 (Mexico)
- Highly recomended by Troquel (Fundação La Fuente's Research Centre, Chile)


Two Steps and a Leap is Planeta Tangerina's collection for more grown-up readers.
At a distance of two steps and a leap, readers will find lots of different stories, themes and voices: adventure, travel, diary, mystery, and magic; stories with a happy ending and others that will try their best to have one...
There is no right age to be a reader of this Two Steps and a Leap collection, it describes a flight to new adventures – a flight that, on our journey as readers, we will want to take.

Portuguese edition

160 pages
165 x 230 mm / 6.5 x 9 inches
ISBN: 978-989-8145-59-8

First edition: May 2014

PVP: 14€ 
Desconto do editor: 10%

12,60 €