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O que há

Isabel Minhós Martins · Madalena Matoso


Around us there are thousands of objects:
in drawers, in cupboards, in backpacks and pockets, under beds and sofas... 
Often, these things don’t keep still, they get in a muddle (or do we?), change places and make us look all over.

Because they are so many and always on the go, we can have big surprises!
We open a drawer and... Ah!
We put a hand in our pocket and... Oh!
We peep into grandmother’s bag... Wow?!!
And does anyone dare to guess what's inside mother’s handbag?
In this book there are dozens of pictures to look at and many amusing challenges for all ages: for those who are still learning to talk and for all readers-detectives who like to follow the clues and join A + B.
Ready to play?

– Selected by Plano Nacional de Leitura

Portuguese edition

40 pages
220 x 260 mm / 8.7 x 10.2 inches
ISBN: 978-989-8145-49-9

First edition: November 2012

PVP: 13,50€ 
Publisher discount: 10%

12,15 €