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Livro Clap

Madalena Matoso


The Clap Book is made to open and to close. 
Because every time you open and you close it, there is something inside that moves and makes a noise: 

Flap, flap… a butterfly flaps its wings. 
Fomfim… an accordion stretches and shrinks. 
Bong, bong… a boy plays a drum with all his energy.  

The Clap Book does not need batteries or battery, just your hands, one on each side. 

Clap, clap, clapping for readers! 

– Selected by Plano Nacional de Leitura


In the Planeta Tangerina’s Round Corners Collection another research project arises, regarding about the three-dimensional side of the book and its potential as an object. 
Aimed at smaller readers, the Clap Book explores the action of the opening and closing of pages, inviting readers to reproduce this movement so that people, animals, musical instruments and other objects also move.

Portuguese edition

40 pages

220 x 260 mm
 / 8,7 x 10,2 inches
ISBN: 978-989-8145-63-5

First edition: November 2014

PVP: 13,50 €
Publisher discount: 10%

12,15 €