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Enquanto O Meu Cabelo Crescia

Isabel Minhós Martins · Madalena Matoso

Hair is not an easy thing:
If you have straight hair, you’d rather it was curly.
If you have dark hair, you think blondes are more beautiful.
If you have short hair, you want it to grow quickly…
Mila, the hairdresser in this book, understands all this and is able to surprise her clients with the fanciest of transformations.
But one day, a small tragedy happened inside the walls of the her salon...
A book about hairstyles, changes and scissor-cut prejudices... and also about little (big) heartbreaks that follow us through childhood and help us grow.

32 páginas

220 x 280 mm

ISBN: 978-989-8145-27-7

First edition: October 2010

PVP: 13,90€

Publisher discount: 10%

12,51 €