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Desenho livre

Andrés Sandoval

“Desenho livre” looks like a coloring book (and nobody says otherwise …), but here, the drawing is free and it’s not obligatory to start painting immediately!

What the reader cannot miss is this walk through the world of drawing and color, of plants and pigments, dots and lines, light and shadow.

Pencil-boy, our guide, is already waiting for us!

PS: it is recommended to have pens, pencils or brushes at hand. It is most likely that, during this journey, the will to paint and draw will grow…

– Selected for the Portuguese National Reading Plan (Plano Nacional de Leitura)

144 pages
200 x 260 mm
ISBN: 978-989-8145-84-0

First edition: October 2017

PVP: 13,90 €
Publisher discount: 10%

12,51 €