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Cá Dentro - Guia para descobrir o cérebro

Isabel Minhós Martins · Manuela Manuel Pedrosa · Madalena Matoso

In Ancient times it was believed that the organ responsible for our thoughts and emotions was the heart. Today we know that all we are – thoughts, emotions, decisions, ideas – happens inside the brain, in a continuous conversation with the rest of our body. But how does a thought begin?
How does the brain work? How does the brain remember what it learned? How does it create, invent? How does it make us a unique, one of a kind, person?

Made with the support of a team of neuroscientists, philosophers and psychologists, Inside tracks the evolution of the brain from the first second on, shows us how the amazing reality is created with the help of our senses, explains how we learn, decide and act, and how we connect to other people, other brains.

Out of all the life’s experiences that contribute to shape our brain, we hope this book helps you to have an (even more) curious, motivated and happy brain.

For readers of all ages (from 10 years on).

– Selected for the Portuguese National Reading Plan (Plano Nacional de Leitura)
– Highly recommended, "Portuguese language literature", FNLIJ 2016 (Brasil)

368 pages
170 x 220 mm
ISBN: 978-989-8145-81-9

First edition: March 2017

PVP: 24,60 €
Publisher discount: 10%

22,14 €