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A Bola Amarela

Bernardo P. Carvalho · Daniel Fehr

Looking for a missing ball, Luís and Luísa plunge behind the scenes of the book they use as a tennis court.
This adventure will take them through all kinds of territories and will make them turn the pages backwards and forwards, following clues.
And what about the readers?
The readers, well, they will have to work it out, so the story (and the game) comes to an end. Good luck to them!

A very funny book, with illustrations by Bernardo P. Carvalho, that puts the book-object at the heart of the action.

- Listed on the White Ravens 2018 catalogue

First edition: March 2017

40 pages
220 x 260 mm
ISBN: 978-989-8145-78-9

PVP: 13,50 €
Publisher discount: 10%

12,15 €