Part 4 of the series “Questions that our readers ask us or perhaps would like to ask”

And the question is:

Does Planeta Tangerina receive proposals from other authors and illustrators?

Yes, we do, we even have a special email only for that purpose ([email protected]). Every proposal goes through a selection process and then, when we think it’s relevant, it’s shared, analysed and discussed with the whole team.

We don’t usually publish work from authors from outside our publishing house, because we don’t publish many books a year. That’s the main reason. If we take the measures, we’re actually a micro-publisher, publishing 6 to 7 new books each year. Some giant publishers publish that many books in only one week. And others do it one or two months.

But… back to our answer: what we value the most are actual ideas for books (in the shape of a text or text + images). When it comes to picturebooks, we think the value lies mainly in original ideas that work in this format (where text and images have a mutual dialogue). As for young adult fiction, we obviously value the literary quality and boldness of the approach, and on non-fiction projects it’s the quality of the writing and scientific accurateness that matter the most.

Since 2016, together with the Serpa town council, we’ve been organising the Serpa International Award for Picturebooks, on which we challenge authors from every age, experienced or not, to participate with their book projects (the next edition will be in September 2019).

What else can we say about this subject? Hum… We think that publishing — whether it’s for children or for adults — demands choosing, excluding, going wild, wasting time on useless things, trying, failing, insisting. Working hard. And take it really seriously. That is, making books that aren’t similar or too close from what already exists, seeking your own voice, thinking a little bit on the audience (but not too much), that kind of things.

Every editor has to make a choice. It’s their criteria and amount of books coming out from their selection that varies from house to house. Here, at Planeta Tangerina, this is more or less how we’ve been doing it.