National Illustration Award 2014

Bernardo P. Carvalho and Madalena Matoso won two Honorable Mentions at the 19th National Illustration Award Edition, with two books published by Planeta Tangerina: Outside (Lá fora) and With Time (Com o tempo), respectively.

For Outside, the jury welcomed “the investment and the creative breath of illustration in a nonfiction work” and highlighted  “the graphic heterogeneity, the variety of techniques and instruments and the accuracy of pagination able to adapt to numerous requirements between text and image synergies, without repeated formulas.” The jury also considered this work “able to build various types of readers, creating different ways to interact with this book, inviting them to explore the outdoors.”

Regarding the work With Time, the jury praised “the way in which visual texts, placed at the service of a complex and philosophical theme as time, are able to trigger mental representations of realities not always available for figuration” adding that “by going through the pages of this book, we realize the inevitable change that time creates, learning to evaluate it either as celebratory achievement or as melancholy loss”

The jury was composed by Adriana Baptista, Pedro Moura and Vera Loureiro.