Game Savannah Café

The first game from Planeta Tangerina

The savannah is hot and the animals are thirsty. Very, very, very thirsty! They decide to go for a race and see who gets first to the café. Will it be the fast gazelle who is always hungry, the lazy lion with his sharp claws or the sluggish hippopotamus with his scary roar?

Special cards (which one can steal from the opponents), some luck and a handful of tricks are all that is needed to reach the cool drinks on the counter.
Hurry up, the ice is melting…

Coproduction: Planeta Tangerina/ Morapiaf 
A game from Sylvie Barc, Fréderique Bloch and Philippe des Pallières with illustrations by Yara Kono.

Dimensions: 270 x 190 x 50 mm
From 7 years
2 – 4 players

1 game board
12 animal pawns: 4 gazelles, 4 lions and 4 hippopotamuses
27 movement cards
1 rule book