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Special Projects

All books are special projects, as they are unique and unrepeatable. 
But, because of their characteristics, some books are different from all others.

This shelf contains projects that don´t find a place in other collections. 
We're not sure what kind of books will be here in future (and this, also makes them special).

It’s not that hard - The book of mazes

Madalena Matoso

We’ve all heard the expression:
“That’s harder than finding a needle in a haystack!”.
But who said that finding a needle in a haystack is all that hard?

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Free drawing

Andrés Sandoval

“Desenho livre” looks like a coloring book (and nobody says otherwise …), but here, the drawing is free and it’s not obligatory to start painting immediately!

What the reader cannot miss is this walk through the world of drawing and color, of plants and pigments, dots and lines, light and shadow.

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Inside - A guide to discovering the brain

Isabel Minhós Martins · Maria Manuel Pedrosa · Madalena Matoso

In Ancient times it was believed that the organ responsible for our thoughts and emotions was the heart. Today we know that all we are – thoughts, emotions, decisions, ideas – happens inside the brain, in a continuous conversation with the rest of our body. But how does a thought begin? How does the brain work? How does the brain save what it learned? How does it get emotional, how does it create, invent? How does it make us a unique, one of a kind, person?

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Fold Letters

Madalena Matoso

This book is like a game, a word game where we can try different letter combinations.

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All the year round - nature's almanac

Isabel Minhós Martins · Bernardo P. Carvalho

What is the best week of the year to see the ladybugs awakening? And when can we see the first swallows? What is the best time to listen to the night singing of a nightingale?...

 "A whole year" invites us to experience nature throughout the year. 

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Madalena Matoso

“Mountains” is a large format activity book, a special project from Planeta Tangerina created in collaboration with the Polish publisher Wytwornia.

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Outside – A guide to discovering nature

Maria Ana Peixe Dias · Inês Teixeira do Rosário · Bernardo P. Carvalho

Even if we live in a big city, there is always nature outside: clouds and stars, trees and flowers, rocks and beaches, birds, reptiles or mammals.
What are we waiting for?
Let’s jump off the couch and begin exploring!

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