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Nobody Passes

Isabel Minhós Martins · Bernardo P. Carvalho

There was a general who wanted to be the hero in a story. 
Now, for someone to become the hero in a story it is necessary to face the dangers with courage, to dare doing what you think is right. For example. Because there are many other examples. 
However, the general in this story thought the quickest way to become an hero was to appear in a book. No need to do anything special.
This general had an army of guards who followed his orders without blinking. All the orders, whatever they might be.
Then, one day, the general made ​​a decision.  

A silly decision, of course…

– Selected by Plano Nacional de Leitura
– National Cartoon Prize 2015 — Best Illustration for Children Book (Portuguese Author)
– Selection “I migliori libri per ragazzi del 2015” (Centro per il Libro e la lettura/ BIENNALE DEI RAGAZZI)
– Highly Recomended FNLIJ 2106- Portuguese Literature (FNLIJ, Brazil)
– The most astonishingly unconventional children's books of 2016 (School Library Journal)
 USBBY Outstanding International Books List 2017
 2017 Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis (Best Picturebook) 
– Liberisliber Xic 2017  (catalan prize for children and youth literature)
 Gustav Heinemann Peace Prize 2017
 Silver Star - Peter Pan Prize 2017 (IBBY, Sweden)
– Selected for dPICTUS's 100 Outstanding Picturebooks exhibition, at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

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First Edition: November 2014


New volume of Planeta Tangerina’s Round Corners Collection brings another surprise to its readers. 
This time, the authors created a story that focuses on the left and right side of a book, making characters (and readers) stop along the border that divides the two pages. 
And now what? If nobody can go to the right page, what will happen to this story?


Don’t Cross the Line! Is a visually hectic, laugh-out-loud masterpiece from Gecko Press. The beautiful and chaotic felt-tip-penned illustrations breathe life into this book, which is filled to the brim with eclectic characters. This is more than just a visual cacophony, however: this book is a profound statement on dictatorship and peaceful revolution.
Unity Books (NZ)

This lever book asks questions about freedom and authority, but also story-making and book-crafting. The illustrations brim with life, colour and humor.
Children’s Books Ireland Reading Guide

40 pages · 220 x 260 mm · ISBN: 9789898145628