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The Island

João Gomes de Abreu · Yara Kono

Once there was an Island. It was neither great nor small, it was the size of a standard island.

One day, a boat with people from the continent arrived and from then on the islanders wanted only to be like their visitors.

And so began the construction of a bridge: a bridge so large, that it would need all the stone from the mountain, all the wood from the forest, and all the sand from the beach...
What will be left at the end?  

This is a book that talks about life today. About identities, dreams and expectations. About endeavors and developments, about the goals that move us and what we want for ourselves.

Highly Recomended/ "Portuguese Literature" Category, FNLIJ 2015 (Brasil)
– Opera Prima – Menção Honrosa – Bologna Children’s Book Fair 2013
– Selected by Plano Nacional de Leitura

© Rights sold: Korean, Complex and Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian

48 pages · 195 x 220 mm · ISBN: 9789898145437