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At Home, We Are...

Isabel Minhós Martins · Madalena Matoso

Under the same roof a considerable number of body parts come together: heads, hands, feet, bones, teeth, strands of hair and even boobies. Together they trigger episodes, habits and obsessions, problems even... and they just love getting together for a party. 
The story begins with six heads “each one thinking about its own thing“ and  continues with a great deal of counting. Maths helps us count not only bones, teeth or nails, but also the days and moments of the family living in this house.  And, when everything is counted we know so much more about it. 

– Recommended by Gulbenkian/Casa da Leitura

– Selected by Plano Nacional de Leitura

© Rights sold: French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, English, Korean, Greek, German, Spanish (Latin America, Mexico and Spain), Catalan.

First Edition: November 2009

32 pages · 195 x 220 mm · ISBN: 9789898145116