“Atlas of travels and explorers” wins BolognaRagazzi Award 2019

We went to the moon and back when we heard these great news: Atlas of travels and explorers has won the BolognaRagazzi Award 2019 for best Non-fiction book!

In the words of the jury, the text by Isabel Minhós Martins “humanizes the historical figures, revealing the circumstances of each person’s life, the motivation for their quests—not just business interests and religious demands, but also the eternal human desire to face the unknown.”

About the illustrations, the jury said: “The freedom and courage of the travellers are masterfully interpreted by the versatility and incredibly wide range of techniques and vision of the artist Bernardo Carvalho. Bold, black-ink vignettes of people and places alternate with vibrantly coloured acrylic paintings of mysterious abstract landscapes. The blending of styles and wide, open formats offer readers an opportunity to travel freely in their own imagined worlds.”The BolognaRagazzi are one of the most important international children’s publishing awards, which are promoted by BCBF — Bologna Children’s Book Fair. In 2019, there were over 1500 submissions from all over the world, for 5 categories: Fiction, Non-fiction, Opera Prima, New Horizons and BRAW Toddler.

In the past Planeta Tangerina had already received the BolognaRagazzi Award for the books The island (Honorable mention, Opera Prima) and Outside (Winner, Opera Prima). The publisher also proudly owns the BOP seal for Best European Publisher (2013), by the same organisation.