“Here is a good place” selected for the White Ravens Catalogue 2020

The graphic-diary-book Here is a good place (Aqui é um bom lugar), by Ana Pessoa and Joana Estrela, has been selected for the White Ravens Catalogue 2020, which is issued every year by the International Youth Library.

About the author Ana Pessoa — who has been featured in this collection for the third time — the jury praises her “special talent for describing the experiences, thoughts, wishes, fears and challenges of the years sandwiched between not-being-a-kid-anymore and not-yet-being-an-adult in an authentic, linguistically resonant way, staying in tune with her characters and readers.”

About the book, the words of the White Ravens committee says:

“What drew the author and illustrator together, according to their own testimony, was their shared love of notebooks. So, “Aqui é um bom lugar” is a kind of comprehensive notebook, in which seventeen-year-old protagonist Teresa Tristeza collects what she experiences, feels, and thinks (…). Together, the fragments form a heterogeneous, living collage, which both in content and form captures the young woman’s sense of life.”

This year, the White Ravens Catalogue includes 200 children’s and young adult’s titles published in 56 countries.