“A manta” selected for the White Ravens 2012

The book “The Quilt” (Isabel Minhós Martins, Yara Kono), published by Planeta Tangerina in 2010, has been selected for White Ravens 2012.

From White Ravens 2012 catalogue:

In an affectionate way, this picture book shows that the value of material possessions pales in comparison to that of memories. The narrator’s grandmother was a wealthy woman; yet after her death, the heirs are less interested in her money than in her colourful old quilt because it brings back invaluable memories of cosy hours spent in grandmother’s bed listening to her tales. Just like the pages of a diary, each fabric square of the quilt tells a story. A colourful scrap from a dress, the remains of an old tablecloth, etc. – they are all pieces of the puzzle of a life full of happy moments, sad moments, and a wide spectrum in between. Thanks to their deliberate two-dimensionality and the reduced, ornamental shapes, the beautiful colour illustrations perfectly match the memento that this book is about. (Age: 6+)