5 books from Planeta Tangerina in the “100 Outstanding Picturebooks” selection

Five books from Planeta Tangerina have been selected for the exhibition “100 Outstanding Picturebooks”, at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019. The titles are:

– Nobody Passes!
– Half, half
– Outside, a guide for discovering nature
– Atlas of travels and explorers
– High tide

The selection was based on the individual choices of international 8 curators: Martin Salisbury (UK), Jiwone Lee (Korea), Yukiko Hiromatsu (Japan), Sophie Van der Linden (France), Leonard S. Marcus (USA), Ilaria Tontardini (Italy), Ulla Rhedin (Sweden) e Bernd Mölck-Tassel (Germany).

It will be the second edition of the exhibition “100 Outstanding Picturebooks”, organised by the picturebooks platform dPICTUS in partnership with the Frankfurt Book Fair.